Euralco is a specialised consultancy and distribution enterprise of high value added semi-finished aluminium products. We currently serve mainly large OEM customers in diverse industries including transportation, automotive, defense industry, and leasure appliances.

Aluminium products are produced by processing primary aluminium into a "semi-finished" form through hot and/or cold rolling, extruding or forging the product into a shape usable by a consumer. Common product forms of rolled semi's are sheet, plate, blanks and coils, usual product forms of extruded products are profiles, bar, rod and wire.

Depending on the chosen alloy and temper mechanical properties can be achieved ranging from a tensile strength of 70 MPa (10 KSI) for soft 1050 alloy used in pots and pans, to 540 MPa (78 KSI) for 7075 alloy used in structural aircraft parts.

Aluminium products

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